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4 (Student) Pilots hangar flying about their experiences with flight training and enjoying all things aviation.

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    Episode 63: It exists, but it's no longer airworthy

    John misses his first Oshkosh since 2009 and is night current, Chris flies a lot of light sport, Mark has more experience with density altitude, and Brad keeps currency while waiting for his club to buy more planes.

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    Episode 61: There was no screaming

    In this much delayed (but still excellent episode!) Brad goes mountain flying and John went to Sun n Fun and is about to have a baby.

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    Episode 60: Larry Might Sell You One

    John starts racking up the hours, Chris helps hand prop a champ, Mark starts IFR ground, and Brad can't seem to get a charity flight in.

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    Episode 58 Alpha: We Get At Least 3 Good Hours a Day

    We are joined by two special guests Franz and Fred who talk about mooney ownership and formation flying. Plus we hear from some of the gang as we lead up to a big flight in part two of this two part episode.

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