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4 (Student Pilots) hangar flying about their experiences with flight training and enjoying all things aviation.

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    Episode 44: On the Step

    Chris is back and takes the show filling us in on his flight in an American Champion Scout on Floats.

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    Episode 43: Just The Two of Us

    John and Brad go through what we carry in our flight bags, the trails of renting, and we talk a bit about the new ForeFlight Pack feature.

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    Episode 42: Neil Bradon

    Special guest Neil Bradon ([@pilot_ngp][pngb]) joins us to talk about his experience flying in the US versus flying in Europe and the importance of stopping the US from adopting user fees.

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    Episode 41: Buying an Aircraft

    This episode we are joined by Franz Forman who recently bought a Mooney. We have a great discussion on how the process of purchasing the aircraft and what goes into an aircraft purchase.

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    Episode 38: 10 Dollar Parking

    Brad is finishing up his Mooney checkout, Chris is busy trying to park, and John is busy with SUN 'n FUN 2014 preparation.

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